About CryptoWeed

We’re a community of dreamers, smokers, stoners, nature lovers and crypto enthausiasts who believe that cannabis is a gift for humanity, is a medicine, not a drug.

Our Anthem

Bis Coin

We build on top of Solana. Our community token Bis Coin has been minted on Solana blockchain. Solana is a high performance, censorship resistance and eco friendly blockchain which was charfully selected among the blockchain industry due to its scalability and low transaction fees.



420Swap is a weed themd decentralised exchange, built on Serum DEX. We'll bring you our decentralised exchange where you can trade Bis Coin with other cryptocurrency.


Weed is green, green is life, life is free.

DAOs are “decentralized autonomous organizations.” They are decentralized because there is no hierarchy; they are autonomous because people are acting on their own without top-down instruction; and they are organizations because they are not companies.

DAOs are bringing a culture that we have never had before. Leadership within a DAO looks very different. Since there is no hierarchy, successful leadership requires an ability to influence others and to build coalitions.

August 2021

Mint and design token

April 2022

Weedom DAO

April 2022

Build team and community

May 2022

Token presale

May 2022

Launche 420Swap DEX

July 2022

Announce NFT project

August 2022

Listing on major exchanges

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